Social runs

The club has a different social run every week. In the summer they're always on the fells. In the winter there are more hilly road runs, but we'll still take any excuse (if it's a full moon, or nice weather, or interestingly nasty weather) to go up on the fells instead.

We usually run 6 or 7 miles at an easy pace with frequent regrouping. Sometimes a fast group will decide to go further or a slow group to stay lower: it varies each week with the terrain and the turnout.

July 2017

Tue 04

Black Combe Summer race

06:30pm on 04 July at Whicham Church

The annual summer race: fell gate to the top of the Combe, down to the Bootle corner, back round the side then back over tabletop. Look out for maps on forum and Facebook. Free meal at the Miners afterwards for everyone who takes part in the race. Becca will decide whether freeloaders get dinner.

Tue 11

Grey Friar

06:30pm on 11 July at Newfield Inn

Led by James, from the Newfield as usual. Fast group can try to get round via Dow.

Every couple of months we have a semi-formal meeting that deals briefly with any club business before getting onto the important subject of where we should run next. If this list is quite short, that means we're about to make a new one. To stay up to date, you can get either the whole BCR calendar or just the social runs as an automatically-updated calendar feed.

Click on a location link in the list or the map to see a more detailed OS map with a marker where we'll meet.