How to get access

Most of the forum is public: anyone is welcome to browse around and as a registered visitor you can take part in most of the discussions. There are a few private areas and some other parts of the site restricted to Black Combe members.

Club members should look out for an invitation message that will give you full access and explain about the club directory and mailing list. Once logged in you will also be able to add pictures to the gallery and stories to the news page.

If you haven’t received the invitation or can’t find it, let Will know and he’ll send another.

Registering as a visitor

You can browse around freely. At some point, probably when you want to start or join a discussion, you’ll run into a login form. Under it there is always a Register link: click on there and you’ll get to a very simple name and email form. A confirmation message goes out to the email address you enter with some instructions and a big activation link. Click on there and you’re in.