In both the road and fell series your best 5 races (from 12) count, and must include at least one long, one medium and one short.

The black figures show scratch scores relative to the race winner's time. If you went at 68.3% of the winner's speed you score 68 points. Handicap scores are in grey, and calculated to create a level competition despite differences of age and gender:

  • Women get a 13% allowance.
  • All runners between 40 and 60 get a 1% per year allowance to allow for age: eg a 40 yr old's scratch score is multiplied by 1.01, a 48 year old's scratch score is multiplied by 1.09.
  • In your 60s a 2% per year allowance is made.
  • in your early 70s 3% per year, late 70s 4% per year etc to reflect the fact that age-decline accelerates.