Bob Grieve Trophy

Bob Grieve

The Bob Grieve Trophy celebrates the life of a Black Combe Runner who left us too early… He was one of the early members of BCR and remained active until his passing. He ran many of the local races with other BCR members and helped to organise our Dunnerdale race for many years.

The trophy is awarded annually for the fastest aggregate time across the four original Black Combe Races:

Black Combe



Kirkby Moor

Latest Results

Previous Trophy Winners:

  • 2022 Josh Hartley and Cath Musetti
  • 2021 Josh Hartley and Sue Ross
  • 2020 [no trophy]
  • 2019 Josh Hartley and Sue Ross
  • 2018 Josh Hartley and Sue Ross
  • 2017 B.Proctor and L.Murray
  • 2016 P.Reilly
  • 2015 P.Reilly and K.Aubrey
  • 2014 N.Wood and and C.Musetti
  • 2013 R.Moffat and J.Francis-Nicholls
  • 2012 Mike McIver and Wendy Dodds